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Questions from a black desert online new player

Greetings, just discovered this amazing game and I both bought founder's packs for Closed Beta 2 and release, we are psyched. Meanwhile, I'm playing on KR to get an idea of how the game world works. I realize there will be differences, but I hope some of these questions can still be answered.


Q:1) I'm confused about node connecting. I understand the concept and I've learned how to acquire node connections from NPC's who are in line, but what I don't understand is how to claim the resource nodes out in the field. I go to them and they appear to be connected, but there are no NPCs there. What am I supposed to do to claim those?


A:1) You first need to find the node NPC at that location.It can be a person or it can even be a statue... but they're usually the only NPCs in that area marked.You have to be physically there to put contribution points on that node. Once you do, you also have to be physically there to put contribution points on the resources on that node.You can retrieve the node at any time without having to be physically there (as long as no workers are working), but you do need to be there in order to claim it.Sometimes you need energy to talk to the node NPC or have to talk to all the other NPCs on that node in order to progress.


Q:2) Is there any way to eliminate all of the onscreen hotbutton "help"? I find it very intrusive and immersion breaking and it is so in your face. I couldn't find a switch to turn it off.


A:2) Are you talking about the videos that pop up in the beginning?Just click the x when they pop up and they ask you sometime later if you want to turn off the help altogether.I think it was on my 3rd video when I got that option.I'll have to check the settings to see if you can turn it off from the beginning.


Q:3) I understand that I need to quest to get contribution points. But how do you find quests? I talk to every NPC I see, is that the only way to do this, just hit and miss, or is there a way to know where the quests are. I guess I could visit spoiler sites, but I'd rather know if there is a UI mechanic to help spot them.

A:3) As stated before, you will usually see a small picture highlighted yellow, if it's available.It'll turn blue if you take the quest and then it'll eventually turn red with a check mark when you complete it.You can also find quests on the minimap marked by the "!"


Q:4) I was under the impression that I would get a mount quest at some point just following my Black Spirit. I'm at level 18 now and still no mount. How do I acquire a mount?


A:4) What I noticed was that black spirit quests are sometimes situational and have to talk to talk to certain NPCs to get it going.  For that mount quest, you have to talk to the Town Chief(?) of that first fishing town. You may have to do some of his earlier quests to gain more rep with that guy. It should be a quest called "Frog in a well" or whatever the english translation is.Once you do get the mount, ride it until you get your riding skill to level 5... then you can either buy the lasso to tame horses or take the horse taming quest by increasing the rep with the horse NPC.He'll give you the recipe for the sugar and give you a few lassos as well. 


Thanks! Great game, hope to see you all in NA on the 18th! 


I've been just exploring and figuring out the game myself so far and it's been a blast. It had a steep learning curve, but I think I'm understanding most of it and need to put a little more time into it.I'm trying all the classes and spending some time to figure out the nodes, crafting, horse mating, and so on before Closed Beta.