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Simple things to improve Black Desert Online pvp for all

Everyone is putting out pvp ideas now. However most are still whining and not helping.

Here's some ideas based on previous OWPvP games i've played and base on Black Desert Online RU.



Players escape to another channel. GvG is war. Unless this war is used to troll or grief a guild should be able to find the channel their war enemy is on.

It’s a big world. Knowing your channel still won’t guarantee that you will be found. It just prevents that you will never be found. Fair enough right?



- No item break for PvPer or his/her target. (Coming soon anyway, make it sooner plz)


- Karma does not risk gear, HOWEVER it decreases stats proportionally (based on some older MMO games).


If you’re that good at what you do, higher karma will progressively make it more challenging as your lower stats will make it harder to continue winning. Combine this with or without BH. Regardless, if you are randomly pvping your punishment is slower grinding and a greater chance at being killed. If you use it only when needed it allows for relatively little setback, as you will still have a buffer before reaching negative karma.


- Red player vs Red player leads to small karma gain.

If you are out pvping for fun, why not pvp with other red players doing the same. First unique kill gives good karma, Every kill after gives less to nothing.

All the fun, none of the risks and no PvEer caught in the crossfire.


- Players killed will spawn progressively further. Be it the PvPer or his target.

A troll should have a hard time getting back to you every time. However it’s a PvPers mentality to call in backup when it is needed. So if you feel you are being trolled by a player trying to infinitely boost your karma, start a GvG or let a friend kill him/her. Or just stop killing before you go deep red.


- Flagging should disable faster after a pk.

However if you are deep red you should always be flagged.

This should happen maybe 10 player kills in. You’ll be a true pker then and everyone should have reason to kill you.

This will prevent those not willing to live a pkers life from still killing without reason.


Imo this balance is the best. If you are PvPing for spot you won't want to PvP for no reason as your grinding speed will go down.


If you PvP for fun. You can PvP all you want but sooner or later you will be weak enough that even PvE players can kill you.


At which point you'll want to either hunt weaker PvPers or grind mobs.


it depends, i wrote small karma gain. If we choose to make it 1000 karma per kill would require alot of kills in some cases. Moreover if i have -100.000 and he has -10.000. After 10 kills he will be white and i can't kill him any longer. He would have to let me kill him 90 times, It would be a boring waste of time and if you really went overboard you would need alot of help to get back out.


On top of that they spawn further. it would cost alot of time for them to run back to each other each time. Works right?


Maybe the first unique kill gives a bit more karma and every kill after gives less to nothing.