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Something That A Newbie Can Do In Black Desert Online

If you are a beginner of Black Desert Online and do know what to do in the game, then you can try these things below, you find the hapiness belong to you !




Alchemy, Gather various herbs and exotic materials and then combine them to make various potions and equipment enhancements.


Cooking, Like all the other crafting options cooking is very in depth and complex and can be very financially rewarding.


Horse taming, breeding, selling. Become the horse whisperer for fun and profit.


Trading, set up a massive trading empire delivering goods from one side of the world to the other.


Crafting, Set up a network of workers and build different things such as wagon parts, ships, weapons, costumes, furniture, and armor.


Gathering, Even though some gathering can be automated the rarest rewards are out there and can only be gathered by hand.


Player Housing, Find a nice house in any of the numerous towns and set up a house. You can get decorations all over the world through quests, friendships, and even mob drops.


Fishing, Build or buy a boat and head out to find the perfect fishing spot. Just watch out for pirates and vikings.


Farming, Grow crops, put up scarecrows, micromanage production. Get paid.


Hunting, Rent a gun and go out to find some game. You can also hunt whales.


World bosses, Few in the game right now. While high levels are required to make a real difference all you need to do is damage the boss to be a participant. Work together or fail.


Mini-bosses, Summon and fight several mini-bosses as a way to get some of the best gear in the game.


Grinding, Grinding is one way to get the best gear in the game. While earning money is the end all be all of getting either gear or house decorations, it's always possible to grind while doing the other methods making your time twice as effective.


Role playing, There is an exclusive chat channel dedicated to roleplaying.


Explore the world and seek knowledge from talking to npcs, forming friendships, and finding interesting things all over the map.


Questing, Ever notice how humans are always trying to get you to do their boring work.


Guild missions, Get out there and work together to strengthen your guild. Don't worry the GM can't just run away with everyone's hard earned cash. It stays in a separate guild fund.


There are other pve things coming in the future such as small group dungeons, more bosses, pet breeding, etc.




Guild Wars, Tired of that fool stealing your favorite grind spot? Challenge their whole guild to war.


Node wars, (Not currently available), Defend a node for your guild and reap certain benefits depending on where it is located. (Once a week?)


Castle siege, (Not currently available). Defend or siege a castle and reap tax benefits from it. (Once a week?)


Arenas, eventually organized, instanced pvp battles. Also, Every major town has a little arena where you can battle it out without fear of ruining your gear or losing xp.


Crimson battle field(Not currently available), An open world kill fest where the more kills you get the more attention you draw upon yourself.


It's important to note that BDO doesn't allow ganking and your character and guild will be punished for attacking people in the open world. pvp is meant to be more meaningful, fair, and organized in this game. You can attack about 5 people before you risk losing potentially millions in gear. Open world pvp starts at level 45 and is generally reserved for grinding spot disputes.