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Something That Has Happened to Black Desert Online

Daum/Kakao Games Europe changes.


Belzahar took parental leave, Jouska got promoted to PM in his stead, new people among the GM team as you'll notice if you check the forums a bit every now and then. CM aetheon took Jouska's job as CM, Tytyes quit yesterday or so iirc. 


After Belzahar left the communication suffered heavily, especially between the community and PA. 


Something That Has Happened to Black Desert Online


Cash shop/Marketplace changes.

"True dye" are sellable on marketplace (ok chance from loyalty RNG dyes, terrible ratio from pearl RNG dyes).


Value pack (aka optional subscription) which is totally not a subscription *cough* bullcrap *cough* got implemented and gives you a lot of convenience stuff (more LT, more inventory space, more EXP, Merv's pallet etc) and 30% reduced tax for 30 days (totally not a subscription, right?). Costs 15 euro. There's also a 1 day version you can get for loyalties every 14th day if you save all your loyalties those 14 days (since it costs 1400 loyalties).


Cash shop items became sellable on marketplace after 70% or so of all the people and polls showed that we didn't want that in BDO, so a chunk of players left with that*


Artisan's Memory became available for pearls, up to ten every day if I read correctly. There's a loyalties option for 400 loyalties for 1 as well (which Imo is bs since the comparison would be Tear, which is the same cash shop price BUT 4 times cheaper for loyalties (iirc?)).


New and updated marketplace in-game. It will maybe take a while to get used to. Quite recent change so it should be easy to find.


*Note that you can not register ANY item, but only specific ones. For example, pets and costumes/sets without effects beside the 10% combat exp might be the only things you CAN register. 



Mediah maybe was out when you left? Otherwise, Mediah have come out. Also Valencia part 1 and part 2. Kakao's plan is to catch up with KR before the end of the year afaik.


The awakenings we were PROMISED to be released all at once was screwed over and are getting released one every 2 weeks instead.


Siege's/Node Wars have been implemented. Ask ppl in guilds more about this I'd say and check Kakao's introduction to it if it's still up on their site or here on the forums under the News.


Being PK'd will NOT make you lose any experience. 


New systems have been implemented. For example, you can now duel another person and hide workers (they will still work, you just won't have to see them). 


Manos accessories have been implemented. 


Hunting have been implemented (life skill). 


Soft cap was raised to 55 from 50 iirc.


The rewards for leveling your character to a certain level have been increased in terms of silver. 


RNG accessory boxes have been implemented. 


Night Vendor have been implemented. 


Horse Racing recently got implemented. 


New fish species have been implemented.


The fishing system got a revamp in june or july. Google or search the forum for more info. 


Uhm.... That's the stuff that I can remember at the top of my head ._. haven't slept so can't think too well atm :/. Sorry. I hope this answers a few of your questions about what's happened though.


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