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Top 3 biggest fears for Black Desert Online NA/EU release



My Top 3 biggest fears for NA/EU.

1. PvP under L50... 


- I just feel sorry for all the under L50 people getting ganked by L50 players without ANY possibility to defend them... it's like throwing babies in sharktank.


2. No Karma / too little Karma


- Welcome all griefers... specially combined with the above... very fast way to kill this game for many.


- NOTE: I do think that consented pvp should have no Karma penalty.. meaning, that if the other fights back there is no Karma penalty... but killing non-defending should be penalized, heavily. It has nothing to do with PvP, it's just pure Griefing


3. Energy consumed on processing. I've played a bit on KR and in CBT1. Energy is used on so many things, gathering, talking, renting, hiring workers... so I really hope that the thing we saw in CBT1 was just some silly test and wont live on... In KR once you had for example cut some wood (and spent energy doing so), you could process the wood to planks and so on, without having to spent energy. In CBT1 the process cost energy too... Since so many things consume energy and crafting takes so much stuff that needs to be processed, it lead to depleting your energy very very fast. Which then leads to people afk and half the server is "dead" and afk-fishing, as they can't do pretty much anything else (since, so many other things also take energy). 


Specially with limited PVE content, there's very little you can do once you've depleted energy.


Sure - you can buy energy potions from Cashshop >> and we all know how well that did for ArcheAge. So I really hope Daum EU/NA will quietly bury this stupid idea and trust that we will without a doubt pour tons of cash in the game even without some energy potions.


A player Top 3 biggest fears


1. Pay 2 win. 


As Rapthorne said - We've heard nothing substantial about the cash shop. Which is somewhat worrisome.


2. That the game will die out quickly.


Not completely die out of course, but the whole "PVP PVE" thing going on and many PVP/PVE players will quit if the game becomes too much of the opposite site.


3. The Karma system.


I'm not the type who walks around killing people here and there in PVP games but the Karma system is messed up. There's way to many ways to abuse it. (There'll always be abuse, but the current is too much imo.)


All these 3 worry a lot. Especially the first one.