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Value of the Black Desert Conqueror's pack?

I'm really happy the good people from Black Desert are offering 3 different packages at somewhat reasonable prices.


Currently, I'm tempted by the Conqueror's pack, since it seems to include a ton of stuff, but withough knowing the actual value of the things you get, I'm hesitant. Since I'm from Canada, the Conqueror's pack is something like 137 bucks, which is a lot (at least for me). I usually give myself a 100$ TOTAL budget for those nice mmorpg's (if they are not pay2win, this if more than enough to give you a nice boost most of the time), so I would already be busting it with this pack. If the game itself is only something like 20-30$, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to just buy the game once it's out (or buy the basic package) and buy 70-80$ worth of pearls to buy stuff like a costume and a weapon skin I can actually see and other things that have a fixed value.

As I said, I'm open to the idea of buying the top tier pack, but I'd feel more comfortable spending 137 bucks if I knew the approximative value in real money of what I would be buying. And if the only real "plus value" of this is the headstart, I have to say I don't care about having a headstart. Once I get into a game, it's for the long run, so a few days don't matter to me.


What do you guys think? I know there are tons of other topic like this one, and I probably read them all already, but the things people say are often contradictory, so I have to admit I'm feeling a bit lost.


A player reply


It is not 137$ for you. The highest pack costs 99 USD/EUR, and that is what you are paying. Calculated over to CAD it is 137 CAD, but you are still paying 99 USD/EUR. No more, no less.


Since we cleared that, lets move on to the founder pack content.

Note: These values are my personal guesses based on what similar items cost in other games.


3x 7 day guest passes

Not sure how I should value them. They are probably priceless. If I have to give them a value, I would price it 3 EUR each, so 9 EUR.


10x Free Housing Items

Also not quite sure how to price it, since I have never bought decorations in games before. 1 EUR each is a safe bet, so 10 EUR


10x Unknown Dyes

Never bought those. So same as Housing Items, 1 EUR each. 10 EUR.


1x Appearance Change

Those are usually a bit costly in MMOs. At least 5 EUR, could be close to 10. 5 EUR.


10x Partial Skill Resets

While complete skill resets are very costly in games, the partial ones are probably 1 EUR each. Very cheap. 10 EUR.


1x Steel Toolset Box

Other than that is it very very useful to have at the beginning, it could also have a decent value. About 2 to 4 EUR should be a safe bet. 3 EUR.


1x Tier 5 Horse

The best horse that can be tamed (for higher tier horses you must breed and RNG). This is 20 EUR easy.


1x permanent Horse Whistle

Permanent stuff is always nice. The horse whistle lets you call your horse from a much higher distance. 10 EUR.


1x Pet of your choice

Not much to say about this. 5 EUR seems like a fair price.


2500x Pearl

We already know the value, so 25 EUR.


1x In-game title

I consider this as a free gift for pre-ordering, so priceless.


1x Family Name Reservation and Character Name Reservation

Grouping them both together since it is basically the same and could be priced the same. 10 EUR each seems ok. 20 EUR


4 day headstart

It is actually just a 3 day headstart because the basic pack is also getting a 24 hour headstart and there currently is no way to purchase any cheaper pack. Because of this, I am only pricing 3 days. 3 EUR per day, because a day of headstart is something big. 9 EUR


3x additional character slots

Even though most people do not consider this as something valuable, it is huge! Another 3 characters for additional energy to spend, or in general 3 more characters to have. This is easily 5 EUR per character. 15 EUR


1x Exclusive Weapon Skin and Costume

Also grouping them together since it is the same. They are exclusive, only people that bought this pack will have this costume. It will not be sold in the cash shop. At least 10 EUR each, so 20 EUR.


Total: 171 EUR value for a 99 EUR purchase (even though it is slightly more than 99 EUR)


I did not include CBT1 and CBT2 access, because I consider them freebies. This took me quite a while to write, so I hope you appreciate it.