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What is Black Desert Online P2W

there are so many posts on the forum saying that BDO is actually P2W, im wondering what the hell is wrong with them,if selling costumes and pets would make a game=P2W,then i have no idea what a NON-P2W game would be like.


ive played some MMOs before,and Black Desert Online is absolutly,the less P2W game i've found,well,maybe GW2 is even better...but thats another stuff.


there are some examples for P2W games:


Archeage, maybe i dont  have to mention the reason i consider it as P2W game,do i?if you dont know why ppl consider Archeage as P2W game,watch this vid


C9 or Continent of The Ninth Seal,actually its BDO‘s Senior,i mean there are so many good things in common with Black Desert Online,even the same(ofc they have same producer..),its a really really nice PVP MMO,it fails when something called "Master Grade“ gear comes in.


Age of Wulin or Age of Wushu, well its so simple to make it P2W since few ways to get ingame currency are,kidnapping NPC(giving few reward) and TOP-UP.its one of the P2West game ive seen.


Blade and Soul,ive played on CN servers feels really good to get oneshotted by ppl who pays


Moonlight Blade,same as B&S CN.


well,those are the games i consider P2W,and they have something in common,which makes me think that those are the reason to make them so P2W:


-Black Desert Online Gold sellers


-too much disparity on Enchanting levels or grade


-shitty game Economy


-future updates that makes current gears craps


in Black Desert Online,


-we dont have Black Desert Online Gold sellers cuz there are no trade system between players,


-there are actually pretty disparity on enchanting levels but it can be kinda easily to reach from farming a lil bit(lazy ass like me im making my way to +18kzarza weapon in kr server right now by farming)


-the game economy in Black Desert Online is actually quite good,you can make silvers in ANY way,i mean,you can grind mobs,do alchemy do cooking,go fishing,go trading,or breed horses,sell enchanted stuff if you feel lucky,ANY WAY.


-in BDO...a good gear stays good,after one year from BDO KR obt,the best gears are still those:Kzarka,Liverto,and boss set.


those are my opinions about P2W,plz tell me something about yours.


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