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Which is important for end Black Desert grinding and PvP

This is not about P2W or your opinion on the CS, this is a compiled list of things that will get you ahead and are worth purchasing if you want to stay ahead.

Here are some of the things you SHOULD buy.


25% XP boost forever...(pets + costume), Pets also provide the IMPORTANT abilities listed below as well as bonus passive skills when your tier them up. They loot every 4 seconds at piece at level 10 as well. Dont leave home without 3 pets.


Cats – detects gathering resources in your vicinity

Dogs – detects a flagged player in your vicinity

Hawks – marks elite mobs in your vicinity with a beam of light

Penguins – increases auto fishing speed

Desert Fox – reduces heatstroke/hypothermia de-buff in the desert by 20%


A Free boat for fishing with a nice skin,with bigger weight cap, extra speed, etc (this shit is not easy or cheap to make in game. good luck)


The Fishing speed costume. This thing is really strong, you might not believe it buy the amount of extra fish a small group or even a single player can get compared to not having it, combined with the boat and you can make anywhere between 25-90% more money depending on your luck and the area you fish. You will never, make less money than a person who didnt buy this, so its a good investment. Combine this with the penguin and you got a fishing business.


Fishing is really important for cooking, which is important for end game grinding and PvP, the buffs food provide are ALMOST required to be competitive. The money saved from fishing with increased speed at doing it can be absolutely massive.


A weapon skin with 100 stamina, which is about 20% increase on a level 30 breath. basically an extra dodge. (1.5 extra dodges with recovery increase and on certain classes).To put this in context, a guild of 100 players with 100+ stamina each would mean they have +10000 stamina between them, thats 100-150 more dodges in a guild v guild fight if the other guild hasnt got any skin.


Perma +1 luck from underwear (yes i know its worthless really on the long run, but early game its handy to have.


A ghillie suit with no name plate all time, and if you are playing a stealthier class like ninja, plum or kunoichi you aint even hitting them. Yes this suit is really strong on some classes, some more than others.


When the desert is released i will also have 20% reduction to debuffs in the desert, less money on tea, and water, 20% less. (from pet desert fox pet this is a MUST)


Breeding resets, I will be able to breed a horse twice in the case of females and 3 times in the case of male horses increasing my chance of those insanely good abilities. and colours. (those abilities on thier own can be worth millions, on a t5 horse. You wouldn't even have to level them and tier them up to get money.


All inventory slots(192 in total), All weight. And a few full resets for skills. If you dont have a guide for your class, i suggest picking up one or two full resets, because whilst you can get every skill theoretically, you well end up with around 60-85% of them by level 54. Beyond that is gets....tough.


Horse resurrections, it is really handy to have these later on. You might not think they are important, but if your horse took you 2 weeks to get with abilities worth 20 million a peice on it one misplacement of it and you get a death counter it gives a huge breeding penalty, keep one or two on you.


Optional : Accessories, i personally dont think these affect your ability to much, but some people may prefer to have a better knowledge rating without having to reset it in calpheon till you luck out. They do help , but i would not say they are as necessary as the other items i mentioned above. You could probably put underwear in hit, but luck relates directly to drop rate, so i think its far more valuable. 


NOTES: for those who dont understand the value of in-game money, which is so easily obtainable by using the cash shop, In game money is what drives the game, having more of it is important.


If you are a guild planning on competing in guild v guild. You will need at least, the pets, the costumes, the weapon skin, the inventory and weight slots, and the boat to stay on a competitive level.


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