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Why Black Desert will succeed

Black Desert is going to be greatly financially successful here in the west (US/EU), one of the reasons is through the B2P model instead of a sustained monthly payment plan, with the lowest package roughly $30 USD at minimum. For most P2P MMOs, that usually translates to 3 months of game time. In my opinion, myself and many of the MMO gamers that I personally know, they seem to never hold many second thoughts into a B2P MMO that they are interested in simply because they always tell me, which I agree with, that even if they do eventually get bored with the MMO, they could simply log back into it another time should their interest returns vs. buying the game once at full price AND having to upkeep a monthly cost. Therefore, in my opinion, the payment model for this game alone is extremely attractive to pull in a strong initial wave of interests of all types of gamers that will jump-start a bustling, thriving community. 


From the way people tend to frame Black Desert as a heavily PVP oriented game, I do agree that while it is true, I don't believe that it's the basis that would be the main factor in garnering the attention and hype that I've seen so far for the western market. There are two main factors for this; the beautiful aesthetics and action combat system. The creative studio of this game (Pearl Abyss) had placed great effort and heart into these two things, going so far as to developing their own game engine for BDO. These two factors combined with the payment model is only missing one final thing to form a solid foundation, the one thing we are all holding our breaths for, a NON-P2W cash shop/item mall with only convenience and cosmetic items that doesn't allow any form of real life currency to in-game currency conversions, i.e. selling cash shop/item mall-only costumes in the auction house. With all these serving as the basis of a foundation, it leads way for the next important factor of the game, which is content.


Right now, the majority of people here are already sold on all the previous factors alone (have already invested in at least purchasing a copy), which in turn shines the spotlight on the most debated thing on these forums; content. Without a doubt, the game will greatly succeed initially at launch given the previous factors, however the developers must fine tune the content in order to sustain in the longer run. In my own personal opinion, I believe a majority of the playerbase consists of people in the 18+ aged demography, with most having dabbled in multiple games and/or MMOs at this point, who are less inclined to invest large amounts of continuous play for life reasons (school, work, etc.). For the players whom are attracted into the more aesthetic aspect of the game, will find themselves out exploring and adventuring their first playthrough, attracted by the system of extra side activities (fishing, crafting, etc) as a different alternative to dungeon spamming or continuous mob grinding. The only problem with this is that eventually, to progress through the game they must alternate back to mob grinding, which still is not a major problem as most would agree the beautiful, fluid action combat system serves to lessen the monotony. I believe the developers know this, and thus have made 1-49 a safe zone for these players that like to take extra time their first time through and tend to be behind the leveling curve of their counterpart of more competitive, dedicated players.


These competitive, dedicated players tend to not look for challenges from in-game AIs, for they find them in the thrills of player versus player interactions. Upon reaching 50, players are now able to freely engage other players, however, while the current system punishes players who flags and kills players that do not wish to engage or fight back (Player Killing/PKing), it should NOT affect those that do wish to engage in mutual PVP. Some people are calling for the PVP engagement option to be lowered or removed, however personally I believe PVP under 50 to be rather unbalanced as some classes do not get their entire combo chains to fight on even ground.  It would also serve to drive away new comers who are undergeared and unfamiliar with their character class skills/combos, i.e. Lv. 50 vs Lv. 10, thus slowing down influx of new, potentially long term players, slowly driving down the playerbase over time. With no one new to kill and with the killed not able to progress further in the game followed by quitting the game, the player would have to do battle with players of around equal or higher levels to get their fix. This end result is proving that lowering the requirement of PVP (50) is pointless, ultimately. However for players who do not specifically target lower leveled players and wish to participate in PVP activities, there are large guild sieges and warfare, as well as certain duel/PVP enabled mini-arena areas to provide for content for this player base.


With a solid foundation and decent initial offering of content, a successful boom of players is incoming and will sharply rise for the time being. With all this said, I believe that by all means the game is not perfect. While there is content initially, it will not be enough to sustain players in the longer run. However this is NOT a problem, since in due time the game will work out its kinks, problems, and balancing issues as well as add to content for all types of players. This is evident in the KR version, with more content added with dungeons as well as a viable player vs player endgame dynamic (Valencia Pt. 2 Update). Many players who are concerned with the lack of content, endgame mechanics, etc. seem to want whatever's missing NOW and refuse to hear otherwise, with some calling for the game's soon and utter demise.


Truly, Black Desert will succeed, and it will ultimately come down to one vital thing in the end; the willingness of the publishers/developers to wade through a sea of discontentment, complaints, and concerns, in a near-impossible mission to please ALL the masses. Thank you, Daum. Thank you, Pearl Abyss.